New Yorkers for Life was initially formed as a single-issue coalition focused on opposition to abortion expansion. The Statement of Principles below reflects that focus. As of 2015, New Yorkers for Life broadened its focus to include opposition to physician-assisted suicide. Today, we are a diverse, statewide coalition formed to protect and respect innocent human life from its beginning to its natural end.


That New York State deserves better than a reckless policy of abortion expansion.  On principle, we oppose New York’s expanded abortion law, as well as any other legislative proposal that would further liberalize existing law or minimize/restrict the choice for life.  This is what we believe:

  • There is no need for expanded access to abortion in the State of New York.
  • The physical and mental health and well-being of women is an important public policy goal, as is the health and well-being of unborn children.
  • Authorizing non-physicians to perform abortions in New York endangers women’s health.
  • Allowing late-term abortions to be performed in outpatient facilities in New York endangers women’s health.
  • No health care practitioner or provider should be pressured or required by the New York State government to participate in abortion, refer for abortions, provide abortifacient medications, or counsel patients in regard to abortion.
  • New York has an abortion problem, and our state government should take measures to make abortion rare.
  • New York should be fair and equitable in ensuring that pregnant women have the fundamental right to bring their babies to term, just as they now have the fundamental right to abortion.
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